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What are Gradings
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What are Gradings

• Judo players of all ages are graded as they progress and gain more skills and experience.
• these grades are indicated by different colour belts
• it is a technical based format of demonstrating techniques & explaining the meanings of Japanese words
• 5 to 7 year olds follow the Sho awards
• 8 to 17 year olds follow the Mon awards
• 14 years and older follow the Kyu awards
• The Dan grades follow on from the Kyu awards

Full descriptions of each of the awards can be found under The Grades.

The Grading Resources and Grading Videos available from this site will help with the technical content of each award, which will reinforce what the coach will be teaching in the club.

Club coaches are authorised to conduct Sho, Mon and Kyu grade promotion examinations.

Dan Gradings consist of both competitive and technical pathways, which are organised and administered in the area by the Area Director of Examiners and appointed Senior Examiners. These gradings take place in Kent, Sussex and Hampshire, the details and dates of these gradings can be found in the calendar section.

The technical (theory) content of the Dan grade promotions can be carried out at an agreed time and place with authorised senior examiners, these examiners are listed under Approved Senior Examiners. The location of each examiner, email address and telephone numbers (where applicable) are shown for judoka to contact an examiner directly or via the Area Director of Examiners.

Area Director of Examiners

Derek Paxton is the Area Director of Examiners for the Southern Area. All enquiries about gradings should be directed to him on email: or call 07778 670124

Want to become a Senior Examiner?

If you are interested in becoming a Senior Examiner please refer to the Dan grade Promotion Syllabus & Senior Examiner Application form on the BJA website, to check if you meet the requirements to become a Senior Examiner. Then contact the Area Director of Examiners.