Southern Area Judo

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The Southern Area Committee has 4 Executive Officers who are elected at the Area AGMs and have 4 year terms of office. The Executive members represent and lead specialist activities within judo, or are representatives of the Area counties.

Terms and Conditions about how the main Committee and specialist Committees function, AGM requirements and club voting rights are in the Area Constitution. A copy of the Constitution is in the documents section of this website

SA President – Mick Leigh

Executive Committee

SA Chair – Chair – John Malkinson
SA Vice Chair – Vice Chair – Martin Rivers
SA Treasurer – Martin French
SA Secretary – Secretary – Fiona Chan

Specialist Committees

SA Safeguarding Lead – Rob Murly

SA Finance Committee
Martin French, Alan Lingham, Andy Grand, Andy Mumford

SA Coaching Committee
Derek Hopkins, Llyr Jones, John Malkinson, Rob Murly

SA Competitions Committee
Andy Grand, Nicky Sexton, Marcia Mullen, Barbara Holmes, Ed Mann, Bill Baker

SA Grading Committee
Derek Paxton, John Malkinson

SA Refereeing Committee
Alan Lingham, Graham Holmes