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In order to run competitions, there is a need for Technical Officials who carry out all the roles other than referee.

No experience is necessary to start, and we are always seeking willing volunteers, without whom these events simply would not take place.

Many are concerned that you will have to attend events every weekend and simply cannot give up that much time. However, that is not the case and any assistance is always gratefully received.

Why officiate?

Apart from the obvious we need officials to run competitions, there are a number of benefits that can be enjoyed. These include:

• No spectator fee
• No parking fee
• Lunch and refreshments provided
• Travel expenses reimbursed
• Guarantee to be able to take time out to watch your own family if competing
• The opportunity to climb the Technical Officials ladder and work at high level (if desired)
• All training is FREE
• A good social network
• The BEST seat in the house

Technical Officials Roles

• Timekeeper / Scorer (TK)
Timekeepers are the ones that operate the scoring system and clocks. All training provided and no course required. Minimum age 10 years.

• Competition Recorder (CR)
Competition Recorders are the people who record the contest results on the sheets and ensure the correct players are on the mat competing. A course would be required and the minimum age is 13 years.

• Senior Recorder (SR)
Progressing from CR, the Senior Recorder is able to run non points scoring competitions and has knowledge of systems of competitions, planning timetables and managing entries. SR must have been a CR for three years and minimum age is 18. There is a requirement to complete a course and an exam to become a Senior Recorder.

• Competition Controller (CC)
The pinnacle of Technical Official. Able to manage all aspects of competitions. Having been a Senior Recorder for at least 3 years and 10 events, the CC award requires a course, examination and an assessment with a minimum age of 21.

If you would like to help in any way or find out more about becoming an official or volunteer please email or speak to any of the officials at events.

Remember : Many Hands Make Light Work