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The Southern Area Coaching Committee was established in March 2020 and is led by two Coaching Co-ordinators to ensure that all counties have a nominated link. Alongside the co-ordinators, there are Area representatives for safeguarding, kata, personal safety / self-defence and Southern Area squad manager. The roles and responsibilities of the of the Coaching Committee are:

• to identify ways to support coaches in their qualifications and in the running of clubs and squads
• to identify and deliver training that will enhance practical skills and knowledge of all aspects of coaching judo
• to work with the Area’s Competition Committee to assist in developing events that encourage enjoyable participation by all ages and levels of players
• to work with the Area’s Refereeing Committee on sharing knowledge and practical implementation of the Contest Rules expertise
• to work with Area and County Committees in encouraging players and their friends and family take-up of volunteering roles


The safeguarding lead sits within the coaching committee. For more information on safeguarding visit the Safeguarding Page (link to SG page)


Kata can be thought of, as the grammar of judo and the study of it can only enhance your detailed knowledge of techniques and the principles of judo. What is so good about the study of kata, is the fact that there is so much to learn and the more knowledge one attains, the more interesting it becomes. There are a variety of katas that can be studied, but only a few are studied within the British Judo Association (BJA). The katas mostly studied in the BJA are “Nage no kata” (a throwing kata which is divided into five sets of three throws with each throw demonstrated on both the right and the left) and “Katame no kata” (a groundwork kata of three sets, each set having five techniques.)
Kata is a teaching tool, a learning tool, demonstration tool, a tool to maintain tradition and a tool to develop new techniques and ideas. Kata also features as a requirement for progressing through the grades.

Personal Safety / Self Defence

Judo is a system of unarmed combat that can be used as a self defence program. The submission holds, choke offense and defence and ground training along with the coordination and spatial awareness judo players develop in their sport is both acute and applicable to self defence. The BJA recognise this and developed a personal safety element to the sport. The coaching committee have expertise in this area and can provide tuition and courses as required.

Southern Area Squad Manager

The SA Squad Manager sits within the Coaching Committee and is responsible for the development of various squads in order to represent the Area at events such as the National Team Championships.

To contact the coaching committee please email